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Could you give me some smaller notes? https://luxury-customer.com/stmap_81sh ... pratropium.apcalis.viagra amantadine mechanism of action nmda Yes, I will, John. Good question on health -- on Obamacare because as the exchanges come to market, and it's going to be a state-by-state situation, a bigger opportunity than others, but there is clearly some tremendous media buys and frankly, opportunities for business development on the part of our stations. It would appear to be a -- beginning in the fourth quarter, really looks like it's going to start being an October event. I'm not sure we're going to see much of it in September. And also, just to add on to your question about core billing, which -- it's always difficult, as Gracia said, on the apples-to-apples side, but we think actually September is going to finish stronger than the quarter has started. And frankly, when we look at our local revenues, you go back to 2011 and where we think we're going to estimate right now just on the local side, is we'll probably finish almost 10% over 2011 in local core revenues.

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